Hell Abyss Dragon

Hell Abyss Offer

Here it comes the Ruler of dragons from infernal depths! Get them for FREE with your next purchase!


Hell Abyss Dragon is another dragon unit that can be obtained by buying with real money, winning in tournament or mixing in Soul Mixer or on the daily bouns by loging in 100 days.


  • Life: 4600
  • Attack: 112
  • Speed: 6
  • Range: 9
  • Attack Delay: 35 seconds


Magma balls: Shoots fire balls at enemy. Might not be in rapid succession or fail easily.

Fire Columns: Makes fire rise from the ground around it. Knocks enemies back & deals damage while setting them on fire.

Hell Whirlwind: Spins like a tornado with fire circling it & knocks enemies back while also doing damage & burning them.

Draggies: Spawns a Hell Abyss Draggy to assist. Max 4


  • This dragon isn't the true ruler of dragons despite the description. Its stats are a little lower compared to the Supreme Bahamut Dragon, the greatest dragon in the game.
  • One of its attacks (Magma Balls) you'd expect Vulcano Dragon to have, but it doesn't.
  • This dragon looks like it can be enountered on one of the isles in the Hell's Forge event.
  • Taking a closer look will make you think this is an evolved version of Vulcano Dragon, but it isn't.

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