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Green Phoenix

Green Pheonix

Green Pheonix

Green Phoenix is the 3rd & final Phoenix. It's also the strongest. It can only be obtained by buying with Social Empires Cash or Tourney. It can be encoutered on Monsters Isle along with The Phoenix & Blue Phoenix.


Life: 1800



Green Phoenix Stats

Green Phoenix Stats


ATTACK DELAY: 35 seconds


  • Only it & the Blue Phoenix have crests on their heads.
  • It has the most crest feathers on its head out of all the Phoenixes, 4.
  • When defeated, it doesn't lay an egg & return like the Blue Phoenix which means once it or The Phoenix are defeated, they're defeated.
  • It's the only one known to have an offer page.
    Green Phoenix

    Green Phoenix on Monsters Isle

  • It's possible this is the Monster counterpart of the Sayan Dragon

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