Green Draggy

Green Draggy

Green Draggy

The third color, fifth sequence of "Draggies I" tier. It has better health points rather than 2 other draggies which has lower health points but it has slower movement making it is not recommended to lure and being pursuit by faster movement enemy units.


  • Life: 400
  • Attack: 24
  • Range: 8
  • Population: 2
  • Attack delay: 30


Using Green Draggy:

  • As it has lower speed than 2 earlier types of Draggies, use this as support units only if possible.
  • It has larger health points so use this to weak units as your advantage.
  • Don't rush big groups of enemy units, cover it by using Draggy or Lightning Draggy.

Encounter Green Draggy.

  • Because it has the same ability as Draggy, strike it simultaneously would be effective with grouped archers and footmans. Siege if possible, but don't insist siege machines if impossible.
  • With its low speed of 6 points, it is hard to do a retreat from being attacked. Use any units that would stop it temporary.


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