Golden Extreme Dragon

Golden Extreme Dragon

Golden Extreme Dragon is a dragon available through special offers conducted by SocialPoint, Soul Mixer, and Tourney.


Life: 5100

'Attac'k: 125

Range: 9

Delay: 35

Speed: 6

Rider Stats



Range: 9



Limit Attack: Heals surrounding unit.(90 HP per second)


  1. Golden Fireballs - Fires dozens of fireballs towards a target. Fires at a short time only.
  2. Golden Explosion - An average explosion within the unit will push units backwards.
  3. Golden Whirlwind - A short spinning move will continuously damage those that may come near the unit. It pushes units backwards.
  4. Gold Minions - Golden Extreme Draggies are summoned upon call. 2 are summoned every use. 4 Draggies is the maximum number of draggies allowed.

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