The Golden Bahamut Dragon is one of the Bahamut Dragons, it can be recieved from either a collection or from a purchase with real Cash along with the Red Bahamut Dragon.



It has, like all other collection five collectables which when all are collected a player can get. The set's name is Golden Bahamut Dragon, and it consists of Golden Gem, Golden Scales, Golden Dragon Nail, Golden Feathers, and Golden Horns.

Sacrificing this unit is one of the 12 steps required to get the Supreme Bahamut Dragon.

Note: You can only get the collections through playing quests on Zeppelin Map 3 and Zeppelin Map 4

Stats with Dragon Rider

Golden Bahamut Dragon
Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 5.32.48 AM
Health Health
Attack Damage Damage
Range Range
Attack Delay Attack delay
Speed Speed
Population PopulationEDIT
Obtained From
The Golden Bahamut Dragon collection, buying as an offer.
HP 2600
Attack 90
Attack Delay 35
Range 9
Speed 6


Circular Shine: Makes a Golden Shine appear & turns all nearby enemies to gold. Can move around when like this.

Grab Enemies: Pick up two nearby units with both talons then tossing them

Whirlwind: Attack all nearby units, with a swirling motion

Summon Draggy: Spawns a Golden Bahamut Draggy to assist (Up to 3 at a time)


  • This and the Red Bahamut Dragon  look alike twins, because both of them can be obtained on Collection and throught special offers at the same time.
  • It is almost completely the same as Black Bahamut Dragon except their colors.

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