Giant Yeti

Giant Yeti

The Giant Yeti is a one of the bosses in Social Empires and the first Boss a player encounters. . The Yeti can be found on Artic Isle.

Social Empires (Arctic Isle -How to defeat Giant Yeti Boss) TH10:07

Social Empires (Arctic Isle -How to defeat Giant Yeti Boss) TH

Reward: Powerful_Knight

Attack Style: melee.

1 Star Health: 12000

2 Star Health: 24000

3 Star Health: Two giant yeti's with 24000 health

Special abilities

Small yeti avalanche - Summon's small yetis' for its help.

Crush attack - Rolls into a ball then crushes attackers and throws enemies into the air damaging them badly.

Stats when you summon the giant yeti using the spell book: The Spell is Yeti's trail.

Life: 4000 attack: 25 speed: 5 range 1 Timer: 35

It also uses the two special attacks: Small Yeti Avalanche and Crush Attack

TIP to defeat the it in the isle,

Use draggies to attack the Yeti(s) and place them over the water so that the Yeti(s) can't attack the Draggies.

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