Giant Viper Bosses in position.

Giant Viper is a unit (and a boss in a chapter onwards) on Social Empires.

Note that Giant Viper would snap its tail to munch small footmans, archers, knights, wizards, and any small units which can be swallowed by itself at any moment.


  • Health - 1000
  • Attack - 27
  • Attack range - 6
  • Firing Delay - 20
  • Speed - 6

Tactics to use Giant Viper and encounter it

How to use Giant Viper

  • Always cover with other attacking units with delay of 20-35
  • While it's tail is whipping, move to any small units to get some.
  • Avoid being outnumbered by other units.

How to fight the Giant Viper

  • No small units. (Any kind of units which can be swallowed, except Draggies)
  • Move your dragons to encounter it would be more efficient
  • Always put your "Siege" weapons out of its range which can swallow them.


  • Extremely dangerous for "easily-being-swallowed" units
  • Can be earned repeatedly in the nest
  • Low firing delay which can dealt damage faster
  • Good speed for retreating


  • Expensive to revive (5 cash points)
  • Health point is 1000, which can be defeated by any strong dragons or units in few shots.
  • Last monster sequence on "Monster Breeding Nest"
  • Low "Attack Range"

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