Social Empires - Genesis Wind Colossus03:02

Social Empires - Genesis Wind Colossus

A preview of the Wind Colossus

Genesis wind colossus stats

Gensis Wind Colossus' stats

On February 16th, the Genesis Wind Colossus came out.


Health: 4400

Attack: 112

Speed: 6

Attack Delay: 35

Range: 2

Population: 3

Special Attacks

Sudden Death: The Colossus uses his talons to pick up a small unit, and throws it

Meteor Crash: The Colossus flies up in the air, and plummets to the ground, causing damage to all enemy units near it.

Spawn Minions: Spawns Genesis Wind Minions


  • .It looks like a hybrid of a Savage Dragon, a Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon, and a Jewel Epic Dragon if you zoom into his face
  • In it's promotional video,. the Butterfly Dragon from Dragon City, and the Wind Extreme Dragon appeared.

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