Genesis Ice God

Genesis Ice God

HP : 5100

Attack :122

Range : 5

Attack Delay : 35

Speed : 7
Genesis Ice God stats

Genesis Ice God stats


Sky Attack: The Ice God jumps in the air, damaging  all units in it's way.

Icicle Crash: Icicles crash from the sky, damaging enemies.

Super Spin: The Ice God spins around, but inflicts more damage to enemies around it.

Spawn Wolverine: Spawns Wolverine minions.

Limit: The Ice God leaps in the air, and shoots ice under it, damaging all units near the affected area.
Social Empires Genesis Ice God05:51

Social Empires Genesis Ice God

The power of the Ice God

Genesis Ice Minion (a.k.a Wolverine Minion) :

Genesis Ice God minions

Genesis Ice Minions

HP : 700

Attack : 48

Range : 1

Attack Delay : 35

Speed : 7


-the Genesis Ice Minions are the only Genesis minions with an alternate name.
Genesis Ice God minions stats

Genesis Ice Minion stats

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