Bull with dragy

Furious Bull Dragon stats with draggy!

Social Empires Furious Bull Dragon00:51

Social Empires Furious Bull Dragon

Skills and Stats

The Furious Bull Dragon can be obtained by paying real money or sometime show as the rare dart prize after you collected all 5 units! (dragon with a rider) The stats will be below and also the Dragon Rider.

Video of Skills and Stats Below


  • Life:1950
  • Attack:50
  • Range:8
  • Attack Delay:35
  • Speed:6

Furious Bull Dragon Rider


Furious Bull Dragon Rider!!

If you put a dragon rider on this dragon it's attack will be 70 and its life will be 2100. Picture of the Furious Bull Dragon Rider with its stats and skills (right).

This is a page for Furious Bull Dragon if you want to see more dragons check out this page down below.


  • Furious Bull Rider
  • Furious Bull with Draggy
  • Volcano Dragon + Deadly Dragon = Furious Bull Dragon (120 Hours)
*This Dragon is most probably the counter part of the Angelical Dragon.

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