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Fire Born Bahamut Dragon Offer

From the purest flame of all times, arised the FIREBORN BAHAMUT DRAGON!



Fireborn Bahamut Dragon is the newest bahamut in the game. It is only obtainable through special offers.Probably the brother of the Waterborn bahamut dragon or his enemy. This dragon was only obtainable through special offer and not yet on soul mixer, units packs.


Life: 8900

Attack: 208

Speed: 6

Range: 9

Attack delay: 35

Population:  5


Inferno Beam: shoots a beam at one enemy dealing 1000+ damage

Flaming Whip

Radial Fire-Clap: Claps creating an explosion of fire and knocking enemies back

Draggies: Summons Fireborn Bahamut Draggy.

Limit Attack (with rider): Summons fire strikes at all enemies in the surrounding radius, dealing damage per second of 33-45 for around 8 seconds.


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