Epic 2-Headed Dragon

Epic 2-Headed Dragon is a  unit that is avalible by buying with Social Bucks, winning in a tournament or mixing in Soul Mixer.
E2H Unit

Epic 2-headed on Units page


HP: 1800

Attack: 49

Speed: 6

Range: 8

Attack Delay: 40 seconds

Population: 3


  • It has an non-epic version called Two-Headed Dragon.
  • It can't spawn Draggies.
  • It only has 2 attacks you can choose it to do, a ground quake & a whirlwind.
  • It can't shoot balls as an attack.
  • It looks like a 2-colored Sayan Dragon.
  • It's blue head shoots a beam that looks excatly like Stormy Dragon's beam.

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