Ent Ancient Dragon

Ent Ancient Dragon

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Ent Ancient Dragon
Basic Stats
Attack delay
Other Information
Obtained From
Unit packs or special offer
Other Notes
You can choose what kind of minion to summon: the Twisters by "Leaf Hurricane"(HP:500. Atk:40, "knockback" cumulative effect and possible Stun) one by one up to 6 OR the Ent´s Ancient Draggies (HP:150, Atk:15, Range:7, Delay: 30, Speed:8) ALL AT ONCE!

Description Edit

The Ent Ancient Dragon is the most elusive of all the Ancient Dragons. And very powerful too!

The capability to choose wich of two kind to minions to summon could fit any particular circunstance accordingly. If its true Ent´s mdraggies are weak, the ability to be spawned all the 6 at once around this dragon could be very useful and considering that draggies are big, could stop anything for just seconds... and that counts. The Twisters (spaned by the "Leaf Hurricane" atk) are the offensive... despite the fact the twisters are not heavy-hitters. the "knockback" is strong enough to break any defensive strategy in a direct-combat/contact situation. They will hit first that anyone, including that annoying Rhino Riders that will fly itselves this time.

As all the dragons of the Ancient class, it can only be obtained by buying with real money when the offer is present or by in-game cash-buying Unit Packs (and with lot of luck too).

Stats Edit

Life: 8700

Attack: 204

Range: 8

Attack Delay: 30

Speed: 6

Attacks Edit

Root Tsunami: Tsunami of roots :P

Leaf Hurricane: Spawns Ent´s Ancient Twister (up to 6)

Deadly Tongue: (explains itself)

Ent Ancient Draggies: Summons 6 draggies, all at once.

Ent Ancient Draggy Edit

Ent Ancient Draggy STATS

Ent Ancient Draggy

Ent Ancient Draggy

Life: 150

Atk: 15

Range: 7

Delay: 30

Speed: 8

Ent Ancient Dragon Twisters STATS

Ent Ancient Twister

Ent Ancient Twister

Life: 500

Atk: 40

Range: 2

Delay: 30

Speed: 6

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