The Ent is a unit which originally appeared in the Elf Civilization in Social Empires. It is the third unit to have controllable specials and the first unit with controllable specials to appear in a Civilization.



Life: 800

Attack: 27

Attack Delay: 20

Range: 3

Speed: 5

Population: 1

Cost: 10000 food, 5000 gold

Max: 3



From the top-left to bottom-right: Ent Calls, Boulder Rain, Protecting Roots, Giant Ent

Ent Calls: Sacred Rain falls in a 5x5 area with the center square being the one right below the Ent. The rain heals any unit it touches that belongs to the player by 100 HP

Boulder Rain: Stones fall in a 5x5 area with the center square being the one right below the Ent. The boulders deal 80 damage to units and 800 damage to buildings.

Protecting Roots: Roots come out of the ground, seven squares in each direction from the ent, knocking enemies back and dealing 27 damage.

Giant Ent: The Ent becomes giant and calls 16 Ent Spirits to aid him in battle, which disappear once the Skill is over. During this time, the Ent's attack is doubled.

Use In Tourneys

The Ent is a popular bait in tourneys for players using the Demon Crusher strategy due to it's health being lower than the Demon Crusher's, and the skill Ent Calls, which makes it an effective healer.

How to Get


The Ent Barracks

The Ent Barracks were originally available in the Elf Civ and was re-released the Best of all Civs for 20 Cash. There was originally a 1 Ent limit which was eventually raised to 3.

The Ent was also obtainable in a special offer made by Social Point to celebrate 2.5 million likes on the Social Empires fan page.

The Ent is currently only obtainable in Unit Collections for 20 Cash and sometimes as a prize in the Darts minigame.

You can get Spirit Ents as single units in the Soul Mixer.


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