Elven Isle
Elven Empire

Elven Empire Locked

Elven Isle is the last island in the Zepplin Map 4. It comes after Pharaohs Isle & before the Gods Isles. This Isle also contains new units just like Pharaohs Isle.

It contains:


18 Imperial Elf Archers

29 Imperial Elf Swords

6 Elf Priests

6 Reptile Knights

3 Imperial Elf Gryphons

5 Elven Crossbows

8 Imperial Elf Knights

11 Imperial Elf Axes

3 Silver Paladins

2 Golden Paladins

6 Red Bull Riders

3 Elven Eagle Riders

8 Imperial Elf Towers


2 Imperial Elf Barracks

3 Elf Reptile Barracks

1 Silver Paladin Barrack

1 Golden Paladin Barrack

4 Red Bull Rider Barracks

3 Elven Crossbow Barracks

1 Elf Priest Barrack

5 Elf Swordsman Barracks

1 Elven Eagle Rider Barrack


2 Imperial Elf Mills


4 Imperial Elf Houses

3 Elf Eagle Aviarys

1 Reptile Knight Statue

6 Elf Life Trees

1 Orange

1 Blue Tree

1 Wizardry Academy

Attack Strategy:

It's reccomened to attack from the side. There's a stirp of land on the right side of the Isle where the Elves can't get to without going thru the trees. Knock out the 1st Imperial Elf Tower & keep moving down that little area. (If any units are injured heal them up quick) Then go after the elves near the Elf Priest Barrack. Defeat them & the Imperial Elf tower near them & you can use this as a retreat spot. The trees provide excellent cover for long-range units to attack the elves so use them to your advantage. Afterwards, defeat the other elves one by one but not one after another. Ex. Defeat the Elven Crossbows & then heal your units before going after the next group of elves. If you keep this up you should be able to defeat this island without losing too many units. Unless you have a Supreme Bahamut Dragon use this strategy. If you have a Supreme Bahamut Dragon just have him spawn some draggies & attack. No worries you'll win. Don't forget to heal him once in a while. Apart from that, to increase your chance of winning, order every dragons of yours to summon draggies(God minions for Extreme dragons). This is because the foes will attack your draggies as they always attack before the dragons do so.


  • Paladin Bahamut Dragon can't be an encountered here surprisingly.
  • The units on this island are all in groups.
  • This is the 1st island to have groves (Groups of trees. In this case up to 4 trees max.)
  • This is the 1st island to have forests (Groups of trees up to 8 trees max.)
  • This is the 1st Island where your units will attack certain trees. (Pine Trees. The triangle ones & some circle-shaped ones) Be careful as if your units are busy with trees, they can be killed this way.
  • This island has a Wizardry Academy
  • Most of the units on this island are low-range attackers.

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