Units in the Elf Civilization section of the Unit Collection

The Elf Civilization is the fifth Civilization in Social Empires. It was the first Civ with a unit that had specials and wasn't available in the store later (Ent) and the first one with a siege unit (Elf Ballista).


Gold Barracks

Elf Warrior Barracks: Makes Elf Warrior

Elf Archer Baracks: Makes Elf Archer

Druid Barracks: Makes Elf Druid

Cash Barracks

Tiger Rider Barracks: Makes Elf Tiger

Royal Elf Barracks: Makes Royal Elf

Elf Royal Archer Barracks: Makes Elf Royal Archer

Elf Workshop: Makes Elf Ballista

Ent Barracks: Makes Ent

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