Water col

Elemental water colossus offer

Water Colossus

The Water Colossus is one of the Elemental Colossi.  The Water God is its Elemental God counterpart. This Colossus' element is water. It can be obtained by buying Cash when it comes with the Cash as a Prize.


  • Health: 3400
  • Attack: 96
  • Attack Delay: 35
  • Range: 3
  • Speed: 7

Special Attacks

  • Anchor Frenzy: Slams its Anchor dealing massive damage.
    Social Empires - Elemental Water Colossus01:33

    Social Empires - Elemental Water Colossus

    Thanks to paknot8 for making this video.

  • Mega Stunning: Jumps up and slams down dealing massive damage and knocks back enemies below.
  • Sea Quake: Spins with its anchor knocking enemies back while dealing damage.
  • Faithful Minions: Summons Water Colossus minions. Max. 6

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