The Gods are not alone... Meet the ELEMENTAL LIGHT GODDESS and walk through your enemies walls!


Cd packlightgoddess popup pos04

The Elemental Light Goddess is one of the newest god and first female goddess.She is also the strongest of all gods in the entire game.


Life: 9900

Attack: 228

Speed: 8

Range: 8

Attack Delay: 35

Elemental Light Minion

Life: 450

Attack: 45

Attack delay: 45

Range: 5

Speed: 6


Healing Aura: surrounds herself in an aura that heals any friendly unit in its range

Paralyzing Gaze: unleashes a beam that paralyzes any enemy units in its range

Divine Light: a dome of light that pushes away and damages units

Elemental Light Minions: Summons 4 minions to assist in battle. (max 6 minions)

LIMIT: Wall-Crossing Rage:

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