12. Elemental Light Colossus

Elemental Light Colossus has the appearance of a grim reaper which it levitate on air and have 2 pair of angelic white wings. it's attire is a long white robe with blue hood, silver with gold lined pouldron and a golden buckler. It hold a massive sword with blue body with rune written on it and golden blade.  


Life: 3450

Attack: 95

Range: 8

Delay: 35

Speed: 7


1st skill: Auto Heal- healing itself by 500 life point

2nd skill: Sword Dance- it spin around and doing damage to enemy around it.

3rd skill: Sword Smash- it smashes sword to the ground and doing damage to front enemy

4th skill: Summon Elemental Light Minion- summon up to 6 minion to help in battle

LIMIT skill: Deadly Blast- summon a light to do damage and blow enemy away



  • You can get this unit for free on the Hell's Forge Hell Mountains Island. Unfortunatly it doesn't appear in your empire after you beat the island., which means it was only there to aid/help you in the island.

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