}} The Electric Dynasty Dragon is a more powerful version of the Dynasty Dragon. This dragon is obtainable through Unit Packs and Soul Mixing as of now.

Special Attacks

Electro Energy Balls - Fires small electric balls continously.This replaces the standard Breath Attack for a short time.

Tail Smash - Slams it's tail into the ground causing knockback and aoe.

WhirlWind - Spins around rapidly charged with electricity, causing electrical explosions underneath it.

Electric Dynasty Draggy - Summons an Electric Dynasty Draggy.(Maximum of 3 Draggies).

Teleport: Teleports to an area near to it.

Electric Dynasty Dragon
Electric Dynasty Dragon
Health Health
Attack Damage Damage
Range Range
Attack Delay Attack delay
Speed Speed
Population PopulationEDIT
Obtained From
Cash Offer, Soul Mixer, Unit Packs, Tournaments

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