How to obtain

Easter Dragon

Easter Dragon

This dragon was an Easter promotion, which could be obtained by inviting 3 friends to the game or by paying 100 cash.




Easter Dragon Rider

Easter Dragon Rider

Attack Delay:30



With rider (Easter Dragon Rider)

HP: 8400

Attack: 230

Attack Delay: 35

Range: 9

Speed: 6


Egg Bomb: Shoots Egg Bombs that deal damage (400-600 initial damage, bounce is 12-14).

Easter Bubble: Creates a big bubble underneath itself which stuns and damages(200-300).

Easter Whirlwind: Creates a whirlwind that pushes the enemy back and deals damage(200-400).

Draggies: Summons a Red-Hot epic draggy, a Electric epic draggy and a Golden epic draggy.

Limit (rider vesion): Raises itself up then shoots purple rays that deal 500-600 damage below itself then throws itself back down.


  • Althrough it has the ability to summon 3 different Epic Draggies, it doesn't belong to the Epic Dragons' group.
  • This dragon can be obtained multiple times as many as more than 3 friends played..
  • This is one of the dragons that can summon different draggies unlike the others.
  • This dragon almost resembles the Easter Bunny, which have colorful eggs.

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