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Dynasty Dragon is one of the new dragons that can only be obtained by buying with real money, bought with Social Bucks in the Units collection, mixed in Soul Mixer or won in a tournament.


  • Life: 2800

    Dynasty Dragon Rider

  • Attack: 74
  • Speed: 6
  • Range: 9
  • Attack Delay: 35 seconds
  • Population: 5


  • Laser-Ray: Can fire lasers from its eyes.
  • Poison Rain: Can make poison rain down around it and poisons enemies.
  • Killer Twister: Spins in a circle with lightning surrounding him and knoking enemies back with damage.
  • Draggies: Spawns Draggies to assist. Max 3.
  • Teleport: Can teleport over a certain distance.


  • It can teleport like the Rainbow Dragon, Electric Dynasty Dragon and Golden Dynasty Dragon.
  • It's the 1st dragon or maybe the 1st creature to use a poisonous attack.
  • Its poisonous attack shares the same name with the spell called Poison Rain in the Spellbook.
  • It resembles Shenron from Dragon Ball Z.
  • It looks like one of the Chinese dragons from the body shape since Chinese Dragons all have snake-like bodies; whiskers since some of them have whiskers sticking out of their heads & the claws since Chinese dragons all have the talons of an eagle & those look like eagle talons.
  • It and Paladin Bahamut are the only ones so far to use a laser attack.
  • it looks like the jade dragon in dragon city,it also resembles the jade dragon's posture or stand
  • Actually,the Electric Dynasty Dragon is only a percent stronger than the dynasty dragon cause it has 74 attack and the electric dynasty dragon has 75 attack but if you want to know who stronger make them fight each other without using skills

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