Dragons Isle
General Info
Map Zeppelin Map 3
Preceeded By Necro Isle
Proceeded By Monsters Isle
Rewards Collection Item of Red Bahamut Dragon/Gold Bahamut Dragon/Supreme Heart
Boss N/A
Enemy Units Furious Dragon
Stormy Dragon
Rubies Dragon
Angelic Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Death Dragon
Vulcano Dragon
Furious Bull Dragon
Green Bahamut Dragon
Infernal Dragon
Rubies Draggy
Celestial Draggy
Death Draggy
Crystal Draggy
Horned Draggy
Infernal Draggy
Lightning Draggy
Green Bahamut Draggy
Enemy Defenses Chinese Tower
Chinese Wall

Dragons Isle is one of the islands on the Zeppelin Map 3. It comes before Necro Isle and after Monsters Isle.


Social Empires Dragon Isle 3 Stars07:32

Social Empires Dragon Isle 3 Stars

Paknot8's video of the Dragon Isle Quest.

Good strategy to defeat the dragons with very few or no casualties at all is to leave every unit except for dragons (excluding draggies) out of it. It is recommended to have at least 3 powerful dragons. Get the dragons towards the north-east corner of the map and attack the empire's corner with the Death Dragon. Kill it without getting into the empire itself, so you won't get caught into the fire of all the Chinese Towers on every single wall. Then do the same with the other four corners and the dragons at the south wall of the empire.Finally, you can get all your units (if you want) into the inside of the empire to defeat the Green Bahamut Dragon (and draggies). That way you will have won easily but slowly.


If you have any extreme dragons then you should use the draggies. A minimum of 4 extreme dragons is the best for this quest.

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