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Dragon Rider

Dragon Riders are units that can be merged with Dragon units to make the Dragons stronger. Adding a Dragon Rider to a dragon will boost its health by 200, and it's damage by 25, and dragons with a rider get a new special bar titled with 'Limit' which recharges the special attacks if the dragon has some, doing so will also damage all nearby enemy units. The Bar must be filled by damaging units, and buildings, once it is filled it will glow with fire over the bar.

There are 3 types of dragon riders: Dragon Rider I, Dragon Rider II, Dragon Rider III. Each one of them can ride different dragons.  To build them, you'll need to build a Rider Academy. If you are Level 35- Level 40, you can only train Dragon Rider I. If you are Level 40-45, you can train Dragon Rider I, and II. If you are Level 45, or higher, you can train Dragon Rider III, plus the other 2.

How to get?

The Dragon Riders are trained in the Rider Academy building (Buyable for 6000 Gold, lvl 35), they need to be trained a certain number of times before users can receive them. Dragon Rider I and II has five steps, the Dragon Rider level III has seven times before they can try to ride a dragon.

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Each training step opens up a minigame- the player needs to guide the Dragon rider to the end of the course, and defeat every enemy he sees. After each step completed, the Dragon Rider is recovering for 15 hours and then is trainable again.

By the way, if the Dragon Rider dies during the minigame, you can try it again without needing to wait another 15 hours.

How to use?

After training the Dragon Rider the Player can use him as a unit, or put him inside the Dragon Riding building (Buyable for 6000 Gold) with a Dragon to open up a Minigame; in the minigame, the player, again, controls the Dragon Rider in a battle versus the Dragon, After the Dragon Rider beats the Dragon, he can mount it.You cannot use the Dragon Rider to the Supreme Bahamut Dragon because it will increase the maximum stats of the unit.

Example: Dragon Rider I + Sayan Dragon = Sayan Dragon Rider
  • Sayan Dragon Rider
  • Sayan DragonGo to Sayan Dragon
  • Dragon Rider

Rideable Dragons

Dragon Rider I:

Dragon Rider II:

Dragon Rider III: 


  • Use Dragon Riders on your strongest dragons!
  • Dragon Rider can unlock Limit attack for your dragons!
  • Dragon Riders can be used as units when you haven't any dragon to be mounted.

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