Carbon-structure. Extreme Hardness. It's the DIAMONDS SAVAGE DRAGON!
Diamonds Savage Dragon offer

Diamond Savage Offer


Diamonds Savage Dragon is the 5th of the Savage Dragons. It was released on March 23rd 2013.For a while it will only be avalible via buying with real money for a while. But after 3/26/13, it should be avalible for mixing in Soul Mixer.


Life: 7600

Attack:  182

Speed: 6

Range: 9

Attack Delay:35 seconds

  • A Diamond Savage Dragon Rider in action


Diamond Block: Makes blocks of diamonds break out of the ground & damages enemies while knocking them in some direction.

Crystal Rain: Makes crystals rain from the sky in random areas. Most effectfive against groups of units.

Boomerang Metamorphosis: Currently unknown what this does

Diamond Savage Draggy: Spawns a draggy to assist. Max 4


  • Another name for this dragon could be Crystal Savage Dragon
  • According to the preview, this dragon was summoned by a diamond ring transforming a princess into the dragon.
  • It's the 2nd Savage Dragon which does not start with an "s" (First being the Rock Savage Dragon).
  • It could have been possible that this dragon was based off of Kyurem, a Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White Versions, and the mascot of Pokemon Black and White 2 Versions.

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