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Desert Isle
Desert Island 1 star
Island Information
Map Type
Map size
Enemy Information
Troll, Stone Golems
Summoned Golem

Devious Troll
Battle Troll
Big Troll

War Troll
Stone Golem
Sub boss(es)
Not added yet
Offensive Buildings
Golden Tower
Special Buildings
4 Power Gem Golem Altar
Other Information
Other Notes
Activate the Power gems to summon the Golem.

Desert Isle is the third and the first quest to have a boss having more than 10,000 hp (10k hp).


1x Stone Golem (boss, only appears when all gems is collected)

Completing QuestEdit

Without losing unitsEdit

  • You need a team with many strong units (dragons, special units, etc.). Fight by 1 group if you want to obtain gems 1 by 1 or by 4 groups when you want to get all gems atthe same time (3 dragons each group). To unlock the Gems, attack the golems surrounding the temple with gems and click it when it is 100%. After you collected all, the gems collection on the middle of the plot should turn into the quest's boss. Since the boss have 28k hp, you need all you group to form into 1 and attack the boss until it is down.
  • You can use the Supreme Bahamut Dragon to battle all the opponets alone but when fighting the boss, there is only a small percentage for it to win, so you need to use all your strong units or dragons to fight together.


Around 2000-2500 gold, around 75-80 xp.

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