Decorations Decorations make your empire look great and provide XP

Image Name Cost
Dragonstatue Dragon Statue 500Gold
Yellowflowers Yellow Flowers 5Gold
Greentree Green Tree 60Gold
Maya Fire 5Gold
Mongol Statue 
King Statue
Soldier Statue
Viking Statue
Ancient Ceramic
Argentina Flag
Australia Flag
Chinese Tree
Bulgaria Flag
Canada Flag
White Flowers
Catalonia Flag
Skeleton Statue
Blue Tree
Belgium Flag
France Flag
Switzerland Flag
Purple Flowers
Red Flowers
UK Flag
Israel Flag
Chile Flag
Colombia Flag
Italy Flag
Purple Tree
Germany Flag
Mexico Flag
Spain Flag
Netherlands Flag
Philippines Flag
Pink Flowers
FC Barcelona Flag
Orange Flag
Portugal Flag
Sweden Flag
Green Flowers
Orange Tree
Turkey Flag
USA Flag
Minotaur Statue
Eagle Flag
Horror Tree
Green Flag
Soldier Statue [1]
Soldier Statue [2]

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