Deadly Dragon Boss is the final boss on Dangerous Isle. The Deadly Dragon Boss is virtually impossible to defeat using a direct attack.



Deadly Dragon Boss in Dangerous Isle

1 Star: Health: 30000. Attack: 100

2 Star: Same Health as Star 1. Attack: 120 

How to defeat:

This is a unique boss because to defeat him you DON'T aim for him, you aim for the huge eggs around him. That's the only way you can defeat him. Use the Distracting Strategy (Have your strongest units attack him & get all your draggys or other units in a swarm & have them attack the eggs slowly) to defeat him. If you're in tourney, you can kill him with Pharaoh Bahamut Dragon (second power) or 3-Head Primal Dragon (second power).You can also use your dragons to summon draggies and use them to lure this boss away from your target egg to make your stronger units destroy it. That way, the eggs will be gone fast.


  • He can't be damaged by direct attacks in the Dangerous Isle Quest, he can only be damaged if his eggs are destroyed.
  • He looks almost like the Black Dragon only with black wings & black aura surrounding him.

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