Dangerous Isle

Dangerous Isle is the next island in the Zepplin Map. It comes after Mineral Isle & before Celestial Isle. It's the home of the Golden Dragon Bosses & the Deadly Dragon Boss.

Dangerous Isle

Dangerous Isle on the Zepplin Map


1 Deadly Dragon Boss

2 Golden Dragon Bosses

8 Huge Eggs

1 Viper Nest

A bunch of Horror Trees

6 Rockdriller Skulls


Danagerous Isle lives up to its name. Because the Golden Dragon Bosses shouldn't be your #1 worry, its the Deadly Dragon Boss. He can have up to 30000 life! More than the Supreme Bahamut Dragon! & he can't be damaged by direct attacks. Plus he can spawn Black Draggys to assist.

How to beat:

Use the Swarm Strategy on the Golden Bosses. Then use the Who To Hit 1st? Strategy. How to use this strategy is spawn all your draggys. Then have your strong-strongest units head to one of the Huge Egg clutches & attack it. Once you do that the Deadly Dragon Boss will fly towards you. Let some of your other units attack him while your draggys attack the other Huge Eggs. The DDB will not be able to attack every unit at once so this strategy works perfectly in beating it.


  • A Huge Egg can be seen on the Dangerous Isle pic aswell as Nest Isle.
  • This island contains the last boss in the Zepplin/Ship map.

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