}} The weakest of the four Dragons the Rainbow Dragon can transform into, with only 50 attack. The rest of it's stats
Crystal Dragon & Draggies

Crystal Dragon w/Crystal Draggys on Dragons Isle.

are the same as the Rainbow Dragon.

Also, the only of the four transformations that cannot spawn a Draggy.

It can be encountered on Dragon's Isle surrounded by Crystal Draggies. You can obtain this dragon by buying in the Units Collection,mixing in soul mixer or being level 10 in dragon city to get it for free.


Crystal Light Balls: Quickly shoots energy balls at a nearby target. Seems stronger than it's regular attack.

Crystalizer Ray: Can shoot 1 beam from it's eyes that freeze an enemy for a short amount of time.

Crystal Rain: Can make big crystals fall from the sky. Reccomended to be used against hordes of enemies

Surrounding Multi-Ray: Can project 4 rainbow colored beams from it's belly that knock enemies back.

Limit Bar(For Rider only): Restore the health of the surrounding units.


  • This dragon looks almost like the Rubies Dragon but white, instead of red.
  • It too can be encountered on Dragons Isle surrounded by 3 Crystal Draggies.
  • Unlike the other dragons, it can't spawn any draggies.
Crystal Dragon
Health Health
Attack Damage Damage
Range Range
Attack Delay Attack delay
Speed Speed
Population PopulationEDIT
Obtained From
Transformed from Rainbow Dragon, promotion, Soul Mixer, Units Packs

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