Cerberus Ancient Dragon Offer

Summon the Guardian of hell

Cerberus Ancient Dragon

Three-headed means thrice as powerful!


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Cerberus Ancient

 The Cerberus Ancient Dragon is so powerful that it may overpower every single units except the Armored DragonsSupreme Bahamut Dragon

This unit is only obtainable via Offers. This is also the fourth strongest Ancient Dragons.


'thumb|299px|link=File:Cerberus_Ancient_Dragon_Stats.jpg'Life: 9600

Attack: 222

Speed: 5

Range: 9

Attack Delay: 35 sec.


''Armageddon Rain: Summons 

meteorite-like balls from the sky then  falls onto targets in position, dealing damage.

Lethal Venom: Opens the Venom Dragon's mouth and blows out poisonous gas, damaging its enemy and even poisoning.

Three-Headed Ray: Summons a black hole/dark aura-like thing on its head and throws it to the ground, it explodes like a nuclear bomb, dealing massive damage.

Cerberus Ancient Draggies: Summons 3 Cerberus Ancient Draggy (1 head each)


  • Cerberusancient
    This dragon's head was the ff. dragon's head which never existed yet: Skull Dragon's head, Venom Dragon's Head and the main hean in middle.
  • This dragon was based from the Cerberus, the "Watchdog of Hell" but this unit is a dragon instead.

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