Celestial Supreme is Celestial unit which is obtainable in barracks, collection, Soul Mixer (Hercules + Black Yeti)  ( Elf Tiger + Fire T-Rex)

Celestial supreme

celestial supreme from social empires

HP: 800

Attack: 37

Range: 1

Population: 2

Attack Delay: 30

Speed: 6


Laser Pectoral: Fires a green beam from the emerald in it's chest. Deals damage to everything infront of it & sets enemies on fire.

Luvia Laser (Rain Laser): Makes green beams rain down from the sky & deals damage to nearby enemies.

Ataque Subuito (Sudden Attack?): Rushes forwards & probably knocks enemies back while dealing damage.

Subidion de Moral (of Moral) : Makes a strange symbol appear below it & boosts nearby teammates.


  • He is based as Supreme Bot form Social Wars.
  • He has 4 wings not a jetpack.
  • 3/4ths of its attacks are in a different language, Spanish.

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