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Celestial Reaper

Celestial Reaper

Celestial Reaper

Celestial Reaper is a unit avalible only by buying in Units page or maybe the Darts game. It can be encountered on Celsetial Isle.


LIFE:  380




ATTACK DELAY:  30 seconds

POP #: 2


  • Unlike its counterpart the Grim Reaper, it's not a skeleton. & looks like it has no skull for a head.
  • It wears a white robe with yellow & blue on there, unlike your average Grim Reaper.
  • It has blue hands not bony hands.
  • It has wings unlike it's counterpart.
  • It's hood is shaped like Raven from Teen Titansonly brughter in color.
  • On it's sycthe, there's something golden on there.
Celestial reaper stats

Celestial Reaper's stats

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