Celestial Isle (Sky veiw)

Aerial View of Celelstial Isle

Celestial Isle is first one in the Zeppelin Map 3. It comes after Dangerous Isle  and before the Mythological Isle. You have have another chance to get a Red/Gold/Supreme Bahamut Dragon collection´s piece here.


On 1-Star difficult, there are:

2 Angelical Dragons

1 Big Troll

1 Celestial Reaper

6 Celestial Draggys

5 Celestial Supremes

6 Celestial Mechs

7 Celestial Lancers

10 Celestial Archers

7 Celestial Soldiers

170 Celestial Walls

13 Celestial Towers


  • Since the entrance is guarded tightly by Celestial Towers, penetrate through the right side or left side of the empire would be effective.
  • Avoid direct attack with groups of Celestial units, they have high speed movement, long range attacks, and high damage points. (Celestial Mech doesn't have good speed, but it's sword could smack away any of your units)
  • Every group of units intercept the first one who will penetrate an empire. Use strong Draggies with speed of 8 points in order to fall back to your actual position, if you failed to take back your Draggy(ies). The group of enemy will guard where your last Draggy died.
  • Luring out Celestial units is the most essential tactic to make your quest much easier rather than encounter the empire itself.
  • It is recommended to attack any unguarded Celestial Towers with Sayan Dragon (or Sayan Dragon Rider if you have one) since it has ability to do a self-healing and throwing energy balls.
  • If you failed to lure the Celestials, your "Draggy" will concentrate on the Celestial Tower, making your "Draggy" as an easy target.
  • Enemy Draggies and Dragons give MUCH less Gold and EXPs instead the Celestial units itself.
  • The "Celestial Tower" on the left and right side is totally unguarded, making a penetration much easier.
  • Destroy the towers 1st because they can be deadly.
  • Attack from where the Angelical Dragons are 1st. Afterwards slowly defeat the other units on this isle.
  • Use the luring technique to lure out the small units with spawns.

Celestial Isle later


  • This island has an angel-like theme to it.
  • It has only 1 Big Troll on it.

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