Savage Dragons are one of the rarest and most powerful kind of dragons in the game. They cannot be obtained nor mixed in the Soul Mixer, no matter what. They have unique powers, appearance, sizes and abilities.

Characteristics Edit

Savage dragons usually have two legs only. Most of them sometime have a blade or "weapon" at the tip of the tail, though they don't usually use it for combat. Their heads are lowered, reaching its claws or beyond. The most common part of their body is their oversized wings. If you try to make them move to a different place, they will fly instead of walf in their legs.

Spawn Savage Dragon, despite all there major part of a Savage Dragon, is totally different from the others. It has: 4 legs instead of two, wings that aren't bigger than its body, and , although it was supposed to only spawn 4 draggies, it summons up to 19 draggies, making it a very unique one.

2 new Savage dragons were also discovered: Carbuncle Savage Dragon and Alien Savage Dragon. They lurk in some Units Packs. It was unknown whether if they are units brought by hacking or unreleased units accidentally released. Unlike other savage dragons, despite they're very high health, they don't have any skill yet.

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