Units in this Category are known as 'Melee' Units. Melee Units are Units that don't have good range but good Attack and Health. Range (2) Units are good in one on one battles such as Punisher Knight vs Light Archer. Light Archer has the range but Punisher Knight has the health and Attack. Final Score: 2-1 To Punisher Knight! Basicly what I am trying to say is that "What Punisher Knight lacked, he made up." So if you look at it, my opinion is that Lower Range Units or Melee Units would beat Ranged Units.

How To BeatEdit

Beating a Low Range Unit Takes Patience Because of Its Life.

1. Assemble a large group of High Range Units(3+) and attack! 2. Use the 'Outnumbered' strategy. 3. Don't listen to me and attack your own way!

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