This page is for all the units that have the rare, massive and superior range of 18! Finding units this way are extremely rare and can only be obtained by a few different ways. They are by mixing in Soul Mixer, by buying in units page or by being found in a mystery chest. There is only one unit that has this extremely outragous but very powerful range. That unit is none other than Siege Unit Advanced Catapult.

How To Use EffectivelyEdit

1. Healing Attack

Step 1. Put any type of healer behind Advanced Catapult. Step 2. Advance and attack.

2. Straight Out Attack

Step 1. Straight Out Attack but at the furtherest distance.

3. Outnumbered Attack

Step 1. Get all your Advanced Catapult and attack.

Note: This can only be used if you have 2+ Advanced Catapult.

How To BeatEdit

It is extremely hard to beat him as of his extra long range and super high attack (120!). A Sayan Dragon can have its health slashed considerably high or even loss of him!

  • Use a unit with good speed (8+)and health (2500+).
  • Spawn draggies and attack.

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