Gods and Colossus are among the new units to be released in the game.They can be only obtained in Units Pack using cash and on special offers.Gods and Colossus have no similarities between the two of them except their appearance.


The Gods are the "human version" of the colossus. A God isn't as big as the colossus but it is much stronger. It has 4 packs of special attacks and LIMIT.But the LIMIT attack, however was automatically added, not like you have to do something to it or train.They are equipped with an armor and a weapon which color and element matches the god.


This unit came from the same pack and offer a God does.Colossi have a very unique characteristics and appearance according to their elements like Elemental Forest Colossus which looks like a multi-tree monster and Elemental Soul Colossus which is made of floating bones and got its hands separated. Just like gods, they have a different pack of attack. Some may have a near similarities to another colossus.They appear like a very huge unit like Supreme Bahamut Dragon.

Goddesses Edit

Goddesses are very strong, however they are only available during offers.Like Gods and Colossi, it also cannot be placed nor obtained in the soul mixer. So far, only two of them are introduced, the Elemental Light Goddess and Elemental Fire Goddess. Suprisingly, it is not as huge as other Gods and Colossi, but they are much stronger than them.

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