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Extreme Dragons are dragons that has 4 wings and dosen't have arms.You can get almost all of this from Soul Mixer(expert rock extreme dragon and wraith extreme dragon) , Tourney or special offers.


There are many types of extremes. Black Dragon have four (4) wings, it doesn't belong to the group.Extremes are the strongest dragons you could mix in the soul mixer.

Dragon name Obtained by Life Attack/attack delay Range/Speed
(Extreme dragons)
Rock extreme dragon money 9500 2200/30 9/7
Wraith extreme dragon money 9000 210/30 8/8
Soul extreme dragon Soul mixer 5700 167/35 6/9
Wind extreme dragon Soul mixer 5600 140/30 8/6
Forest extreme dragon Soul mixer 5500 138/35 9/6
Frost extreme dragon Soul mixer 5400 135/35 9/6
Bull extreme dragon Soul mixer 5300 132/35 9/6
Fire extreme dragon Soul mixer 5200 130/35 9/6
Golden extreme dragon Soul mixer 5100 125/35 9/6
Electric extreme dragon Soul mixer 5000 120/35 9/6
Green extreme dragon Soul mixer 4800 115/35 9/6


There are many unique appearance of the extremes. Their major characteristics are :they have four wings, they have no front arms, and most of them have a draggy versions.Some have sparks around body, Flaming parts on chest/wing/Body,and some Aura.They come in different shapes.



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