1 of 3 Bosses in Social Empires.


Bosses can be found in different areas of the Ship Map and the Zeppelin Map. All of the bosses are all units that can be obtaind by Cash,Darts,and Real Money just souped up. Every time you deafeat a boss you lose some units because it's stronger than you sometimes a unit dies then when you go back to your empire it's still alive. Everytime you defeat a boss you will get a reward of a unit! Bosses are known for their high life, massive range or high damage numbers.

Bosses (Ship Map)

Giant Yeti ----------- Arctic Isle

Evil Mummy -------------- Dune Isle

Stone Golem -------------- Desert Isle

Crimson Scale ----------- Nest Isle

Bosses (Zeppelin Map)

Rockdriller ---------- Mineral Isle

Golden Dragon Boss ------------- 2nd boss on Dangerous Isle

Deadly Dragon Boss------------ Final boss at Dangerous Isle

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