Blue Phoenix

Blue Phoenix is the 2nd unit in the Phoenix Collection. It's the 2nd strongest one & can be obtained by buying with Social Bucks or winning in a tournament. It can be encountered on Monsters Isle along with The Pheonix & Green Phoenix. It is also the most frustrating one to kill.

Blue Phoenix

Blue Phoenix on Monster Isle


LIFE: 1750




ATTACK DELAY: 35 seconds

Special Attacks

Throws a "Phoenix Ghost" that explodes on impact and lights target on fire.

Blue Phoenix Stats

Blue Phoenix Stats


  • The Blue Phoenix has only 2 feathers on it's crest.
  • It & the Green Phoenix are the only Phoenixes that have crests.
  • When defeated, it leaves a blue egg & another Blue Phoenix appears.
  • It's possibly the Monster counterpart of the Stormy Dragon

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