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Blue Fire Djinn Dragon

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Blue Djinn Dragon

Blue Fire Djinn Dragon

Follow the blue wisps... to discover the lair of the BLUE FIRE DJINN DRAGON!!!'


Life: 6900

Attack: 168


Range: 8

Attack delay: 30 seconds


Ignis Fatuus: Shoots blue fire balls at enemies but not rapidly. causes enemies to burn.

Boomerang of Fire: Makes a circular boomerang appear & it attacks quickly, whiping weak enemies out.

Compass of Fire Tongues: Makes blue flames appear below it & spread in 4 directions, makes enemies burn

Limit Attack: Can spin in a whirlwind(Rider Only)

Blue Fire Djinn Draggy: Spawns a Draggy to assist. Max. 4


  • It's the blue version of the Red Djinn Dragon.
  • Most of it's attacks involve burning it's enemies.
  • It has 2 human-like hands.
  • It wears 2 braclets on it's arms.
  • It's lower half resembles that of a genie.
  • Its the 2nd Djinn Dragon.
  • Sometimes, take a look at the offer's draggy's name, there is a mistake : it was called "Taiji Epic" draggy.
    ERROR blue fire djiin dragon

    Error in Blue Fire Djiin Dragon (lower left, red line)

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