Black Lizard Rider

Black Lizard Rider

 The Black Lizard Rider can be obtain in the Black Lizard Barracks and in the soul mixer ( fire t-rex + black lizard rider).

Black Lizard Barracks cost 36 cash. To get 1 Unit you should pay 14k Food and 7k Coins. To Ressurect this unit in the Graveyard you need 3 Portions.


Black Lizard Barracks

Black Lizard Barracks

Attack: 52

Attack Delay: 35

Range: 3

Speed: 5


Snack Swallows the enemy, One hit KO. ( Only small units )

Stomp Stomps the ground knocking back enemies ealing damage. 

  • Snack
  • Stomp
  • Black Lizard (Attack 3)

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