Black Epic Dragon

The Black Epic Dragon has the same design and stats as the Golden Epic Dragon and is the second dragon in the epic set. It also has several of the previous dragon`s moves.


Health 5900
Speed 8
Attack Delay 30
Attack 146
Range 8

Special Attacks

Energy Balls: Shoots energy balls at the enemy.

Dark Energy: Unlimited range attack.

Spin Attack: Spins in a whirlwind

Black Epic Draggy (Minion summon, Max 4)*


Black Epic Draggy Part II

Black Epic Draggy

Health: 725

Attack: 49

Speed: 8

Delay: 30

Range: 8


  • Although the max for minions is 4, they are summoned in pairs. This makes it possible to have a total of 5, by killing one off, and summoning another set.

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