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Black Bahamut Dragon
Black Bahamut Offer
Black Bahamut Offer
DragoreaperAdded by Dragoreaper

The King of Bahamut Dragons is now unleashed! Get them for FREE with your next purchase! Hurry up! Exclusive offer today!

The Black Bahamut Dragon is one of the new Bahamuts along with the Paladin Bahamut Dragon & the Pharoah Bahamut Dragon. It can be obtained in the ff. methods:

  • By buying it with Social Empires Cash.
  • By the Spell " Summon Dragons" for 18 Mana.

It can be encountered on Gods Isle 2 along with 2-Head Holydeath Dragon & 2-Head Frostfire Dragon.

Black Bahamut Dragon
Black Bahamut Dragon
DragoreaperAdded by Dragoreaper


Special Abilities

Lightning: Fires lightning from its claws that probably shocks enemies on contact.

Black Hole: Spins like a tornado, sucks enemies into a vortex & deals damage at the same time.
Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 11.34.52 AM
Black Bahamut Dragon with rider
Glenn132Added by Glenn132

Earth Tremor: Flies high into the air & smashes down knocking enemies back while dealing damage.

Draggies: Summons Black Bahamut Draggies to assist. Max 3

Limit Bar: Rotates and attacks with Red lightning to multiple enemies. (100-250 Attack)


  • It has what looks like feathers on its wings like the Golden Bahamut Dragon.
  • Despite being shown on Gods Isle 1, its actually encoutered on Gods Isle 2 with 3 of them.
  • It looks like the contray of Golden Bahamut Dragon, the only difference is their attacks and color.
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