Aztec Isle

Aztec Isle is another one of the isles in the Zepplin Map
Aztec Isle Sky Veiw

Aztec Isle (Sky Veiw)

It is the first Zepplin Map Isle


16 Aztec Towers

120 Aztec Walls

2 Aztec Temples

2 Aztec Quarters

5 Aztec Snake Statues

4 Aztec Houses

1 Aztec Mill

22 Aztec Fields

1 Aztec Calendar

4 Aztec Bosses (Statues)

2 Aztec Ball Fields

2 Aztec Skull Statues

1 Queztalcoatl Statue

1 Town Hall II

1 Aztec Carving

2 Villigers

1 Aztec Sun Stone

29 Aztec Warriors

1 Elite Knight

Strategy : :

The First recommended is to start destroying the towers, 'cause they deal great damage and can be annoying to your empire. Start Spawing draggies to kill the towers, if you don't want any of your units get killed by them. Afterwards, clean up the mess easily just by destroying the towers


  • There's an Elite Knight on this isle surprisingly.
  • This island has a lot of decorations and stylish artifacts on it such as statues.

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