Asian Isle
Asian Isle Sky Veiw

Asian Isle Ariel View

Asian Isle is the next island after Aztec Isle & before Wild Isle.

It contains:


19 Chinese Towers

6 Powerful Swordsman

32 Chinese Archers

3 Villager III

1 Town Hall III

139 Chinese Walls


1 Gold Mine III

1 Lumber Mine III

1 Stone Mine III

8 Chinese Rice Houses?

27 Chinese Fields


3 Chinese Archer Barracks

12 Chinese Houses

2 Kites

13 Orange Trees

1 Geisha

2 Golden Cat Statues

1 Buddha Statue

1 Fountain

8 White Flowers

2 Chinese Trees

1 Giant Panda

Attack Strategy:

It's recommended that you get rid of the Chinese Towers 1st as they can be deadly to units. Attack from far left side near the Chinese Houses & destroy any Chinese Towers attacking you. Then you can destroy the decorations, houses before attacking the Town Hall. Watch out because the town hall can shoot arrows at your units so get rid of it quickly. Afterwards, destroy the rest of the Chinese Towers & defeat the rest of the Chinese Archers.


  • This island is nearly all Chinese except for the Geisha which is Japanese in origin & the Buddha statue.
  • It contains 6 Powerful Swordsman surprisingly.

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