Giant Yeti

Giant Yeti

Arctic 2

Picture of the Arctic Isle

One of the islands in the Ship Map and the first map to have a boss

Wizard and four Powerful Knight's join your army temporarily when facing this Isle.

Boss name:Giant Yeti

HP:12000 (1 star)

HP:24000 (2 star)

'2 Giant Yeti 'HP:24000 (3 star)

Isle Name: Arctic Isle

Objective: Rescue the penguins and defeat the evil Yeti ! 

Reward: Powerful Knight

Tip:If you have many archer knights,at least 25,you can win without losing anything.Take all archers and your extra powerful knights and wizard,and rescue the penguins.Then take the extra knights to attack the Yeti.Then take all archers,penguins and your wizard to attack.When the Yeti becomes 7000 health,move your knights left and right.You will be able to beat the Yeti

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