Archers are high ranged units that projectiles at enemies.

  • Light Archer
  • Medium Archer
  • Heavy Archer
  • Powerful Archer
  • Royal Archer

There are many various archers that have special abilities.

List of ArchersEdit

Unit How to get
Light Archer Archery I
Medium Archer Archery II
Heavy Archer Archery III
Powerful Archer Archery IV
Royal Archer Archery V

List of Special ArchersEdit

Unit How to get
Skeleton Archer

Skeleton Archer

Celestial Archer Celestial Archer Barracks
Atlantas Archer Atlantis Archery
Troll Archer Troll Archery
Necro Archer Necro Archery
Turkish Archer Turkish Archery
Infernal Archer Infernal Archery
Guardian Archer Egyptian Archery
Chinese Archer Chinese Archery
Elf Archer Unit Collection
Imperial Elf Archer Imperial Elf Archer Barracks
Elf Royal Archer Unit Collection
Elven Crossbow Elven Crossbow Archery

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