Primal Side-view

3-Head Primal Dragon

'3-Headed Primal Dragon' is available via offers, winning in tournaments or by mixing in the Soul Mixer.
  • Frost Extreme Draggy & Deadly Dragon.
  • Soul Extreme Dragon & Black Bahamut Dragon Rider.
  • Galaxy Dragon & Black Bahamut Rider.
  • Bull Extreme Dragon & Sky Bahamut Dragon
  • Sky Bahamut Dragon & Green Bahamut Dragon


LIFE: 4700(4950 With Rider)

ATTACK: 114(139 With Rider)

RANGE:  8 (

With rider 9)

SPEED: 6(5 With Rider)



Mega Slash: Raise fire dragon head and smashes the earth knocking back and massively damaging the enemies. (100-300)

Boulder Rain: Raises earth dragon head and summons a boulder that can kill  any unit

Hyper Whirlpool: Raises water dragon head and summons a whirlpool under itself.Sucks small units like trolls.

Draggies: Summons draggy.

Limit Attack: Heal  83 health to other units with every lightning bolt.

Draggy Stats

3 Head Primal Draggy

3 Head Primal Draggy

Life: 700

Attack: 47

Range: 7

Speed: 8

Attack Delay: 30


  • This dragon can also be called the 'Elemental Dragon' because it controls 3 different Elements.
  • It's one of the 3-headed dragons.
  • It looks like a 3-headed wyvern.
  • Even its draggies have 3 heads.
  • This dragon's wings look almost like Hell Abyss Dragon's wings only more leathery. 
  • Although having an instant kill attack, it's not banned from Tournaments

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